5 Things to Teach Your Children About Money

Children are exposed to money their entire lives. They play with fake money as toddlers. They get a little older and play Monopoly or Lemonade Stand.  They see their parents spending money at the grocery store or the mall. But how much do they truly understand about money? As parents, it’s important we instill lessons about money in our children so that they can use it for the betterment of themselves and others, and not for their destruction. 

With so much ‘wisdom’ to choose from, what principles should every child learn in order to set themselves up for a successful financial future? Here are five stepping stones to get started. Continue reading “5 Things to Teach Your Children About Money”

NYC Weekend Recap: What We Did + Lessons Learned

The first weekend in November, we spent a long 4-days in the Big Apple to celebrate the end of Jake’s coaching season. I’ve also found that the first weekend in November is one of the best travel weekends of the year, as we have experienced firsthand 3 of the last 4 years. One of the great things about being on top of your money is that it also enables you to spend said money guilt-free. We plan on a late fall weekend getaway every year, and budget for it accordingly. In case you didn’t already know, NYC is not the cheapest city in the world (and, to be honest, we weren’t always the most frugal while we were there, either), but you can still “do” New York on a reasonable budget. If you like a big city feel where the energy is off the charts, I highly recommend New York. Here’s a summary of the trip. Continue reading “NYC Weekend Recap: What We Did + Lessons Learned”

What 1 Year Chasing Financial Independence Will Do

About a year ago, we started the process of maxing out every savings account available to us as an experiment of sorts. It took a bit of laborious work on the front-end—signing up for IRA’s; communicating with our employers about new contribution amounts; speaking with shady financial advisors (who we ignored); setting up HSA accounts. But eventually, after the work was done, the work was pretty much done. It was time to sit and wait and see what all this stuff meant. A lot has happened in 12 months, and we’ve got some observations we’d like to share. Continue reading “What 1 Year Chasing Financial Independence Will Do”

Chicago Trip Recap + Travel Hacking

This weekend, as a soak-up-as-much-left-of-summer-as-we-can trip, we jetted off to Chicago for three days. Although we were hoping to escape the Heartland’s heat, we encountered 90+ degree temperatures every day we were there. Even still, we had an awesome time and thanks to travel hacking were able to do it at an affordable cost. So without further ado, here’s how we did Chicago.

Continue reading “Chicago Trip Recap + Travel Hacking”