Chicago Trip Recap + Travel Hacking

This weekend, as a soak-up-as-much-left-of-summer-as-we-can trip, we jetted off to Chicago for three days. Although we were hoping to escape the Heartland’s heat, we encountered 90+ degree temperatures every day we were there. Even still, we had an awesome time and thanks to travel hacking were able to do it at an affordable cost. So without further ado, here’s how we did Chicago.

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Rejecting Conventional Wisdom

If we don’t carefully consider the lives we have created for ourselves, we become susceptible to surrendering to our every desire. Many of us in this modern, wealthy society subscribe to a philosophy we may not even know we’re adopting—a hedonistic belief system—one that prides itself on making comfort and the pleasurable experiences the ultimate pursuits of modern life.  Continue reading “Rejecting Conventional Wisdom”