If You Don’t Care, You Can’t Complain

We live in an age of internet trolls. Get on any social media platform or news source today, find a popular story or video and you will undoubtedly make the mistake of going to the comments section. It is here you will find some of the most hate-filled comments being exchanged between complete strangers. And although most of us look at such individuals in scorn, I’m afraid these furry little creatures exist outside the world wide web as well—trolls of everyday life may be next to you at the coffee shop, or at church, or at home around the dinner table.  Continue reading “If You Don’t Care, You Can’t Complain”

A Preview of Retirement

Summer’s here, and that means I’m not working for a solid two months.

Now, let me first address the elephant in the post. Not working is a tricky phrase, because it doesn’t mean I’m merely lounging in my La-Z-Boy, consuming daytime TV or floating in a lazy river with a margarita in hand all day long, but it also doesn’t mean I’m going to my typical 8-5 job, grinding it out with students day in, day out. No more content meetings or rushing to the bathroom during passing period. No more getting home at 11pm from track meets on Friday. None of that, not for a little while, at least. Continue reading “A Preview of Retirement”

To Create Is To Be Human

A Realization

I made a point to significantly reduce the number of consumer purchases I brought into my life—to thoughtfully consider what it is I wanted to own and store and use. This brought a newfound level of peace and comfort to my life. This practice, referred to as minimalism, illuminated my priorities and passions.  As a result, I began to use my free time to write, run, and create. I was living more meaningfully than ever before. But then I hit a roadblock along the path of creativity. I got stopped up. Slowly, I started consuming intangibles; those things that can’t be purchased. Those things that don’t occupy physical space. Continue reading “To Create Is To Be Human”

Optimizing Your Travel With Points

Last month, Jake and I took a weekend trip to sunny Orlando – the perfect refuge from our cold Midwest winters. We also got to see our college basketball team play in their conference tournament. The best part? The whole trip – flights, hotel, rental car, tickets, food, etc. – only cost us $600. If you utilize credit card rewards in the right way, you can do all kinds of weekend trips like this. Here’s how we did it:

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Simple Rules For Investing

The stock market is one of the greatest wealth-building vehicles known to man. Next to perhaps only real estate, the market is your best bet at building wealth over the course of your working life (and beyond it).

Wall streeters would have us believe that investing in the stock market is a Rubik’s cube of elements: mutual funds, day-trades, market forecasts, quarterly earnings, IPO’s, and the like. But investing in the stock market doesn’t have to be as complicated as it appears. I should know because I’m no stock market connoisseur and even I can understand the simple rules for investing.

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7 Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Over the next few months, families, couples, and individuals from all over will gas up the van or book flights to their favorite getaway—the mountains, theme park, or a cruise are calling. It’s time for a little vacay. Spending money on such trips is inevitable—where you stay, dine, and explore all play a factor in the travel budget. Avoid overspending on these adventures by employing these simple tips. I promise you’ll save a heap of money. 

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