Frugal By Force: The Story of Millennials

Contrary to what crotchety Aunt Karen might say, millennials are the best savers since before the baby boomer generation. In fact, baby boomers are some of the worst savers in recent history (many of them being our parents). And since we have flat-out rejected the stereotype that millennials can’t save money, let’s explore how they became impressively frugal. Continue reading “Frugal By Force: The Story of Millennials”

5 Strategies for Increasing Your Income

Up to this point, our blog has focused primarily on the spending side of the finance equation; how to cut spending down, when you should allow yourself to spend, and how to accumulate less. However, we’ve only just briefly touched on earning. If your goal is to improve your financial situation in any way, earning more money is equally as important as managing your spending. A lot of people want to avoid this topic altogether – it’s probably even more taboo to talk about income than it is to discuss our struggles with spending. However, just about everyone out there has the potential to significantly increase their income by taking action. Below are five strategies that we’ve used to take a huge leap in our income less than 10 years out of college. Continue reading “5 Strategies for Increasing Your Income”

Make Bank Waiting Tables

I was tipped exactly $0 on the first table I ever served while working at Chili’s. I had just finished my two weeks of training — learning the menu, the Point of Sale cash register system, the ins and outs of the kitchen and its unique terminology, and training under a veteran server. It was lunchtime and I was feeling ready to make some fat dough.

Despite all of my newbie excitement and bravado, I fell flat on my face. We had a rush of guests, making me responsible for five separate tables all at once (more than I had ever handled in training). On top of this, my first table requested a specialized order to go, and she needed it fast. Like ASAP. This would require using a combination of skills I still hadn’t completely mastered yet. When I tried to ask an experienced server and my manager for help, they were too busy helping other guests. I did my best to wing it, and in the meantime never placed this lady’s order at all. Once I finally brought her the food (45 minutes later) and apologized immensely for my mistakes, I walked away stressed and disappointed. I trudged by her table after she left, peeked inside the bill and found a large strike through the tip line. I was crushed, but I understood. I did a horrible job holding up my end of the bargain by not providing the first-class service she expected. Having only made $2.13 per hour before tips, I was worried that waiting tables wasn’t going to be for me. Continue reading “Make Bank Waiting Tables”

Leave Your Crappy Job: The Grass Can Be Greener

We’ve all had them. Jobs, co-workers, and bosses that flat-out suck. I know I’ve dealt with all three at various times in my working life. As a cashier checking out an irate customer, this was commonplace, “Umm, excuse me SIR, why isn’t my coupon for this hand soap being accepted?”.

“Uh, ma’am, it expired three months ago, so I can’t accept it…”

“Well, I demand to see your manager at this very moment. Is he available?”

Continue reading “Leave Your Crappy Job: The Grass Can Be Greener”

Money Mindsets and How to Find Contentment

Contentment and endless striving: err too much on one side, and people will say you’re settling. Err too much the other way, and you’re someone who is never satisfied. Always yearning for more.

How do we balance being content with finances while also being goal-oriented, mindful people who genuinely care about how we treat our money? Well first, let’s explore the more nefarious money-mindsets that prevail in today’s world. By doing this, we’ll have a better understanding of how we should think about money.

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Yellow Brick Quick #3: How to Break Bad Money Habits

On Tuesday, we showed you how to use a four-step process to create good money saving habits. But what about breaking bad ones? Author and habits expert James Clear is here to help us, yet again.

In order to break a bad habit, it’s important to reverse his four-step process in creating good habits. Therefore, we must make our bad habits invisible, make them unattractive, make them difficult, and make them unsatisfying.  Continue reading “Yellow Brick Quick #3: How to Break Bad Money Habits”

4 Steps To Better Saving Habits

Habits are the building blocks of life. Whether we want to admit it or not, they make up a majority of our everyday functioning. For better or worse, an overwhelming ratio of our daily iterations are on auto-pilot, nearly unconscious.

After reading the latest book on habit formation Atomic Habits (James Clear), we’ve learned about ways we can hack our human psychology in order to form good money-saving habits. Continue reading “4 Steps To Better Saving Habits”

Yellow Brick Quick #2: The Distortion of Our Early Twenties

I remember it clear as day, a parting message from a coach of mine. “Don’t leave anything out there. Compete with no regrets. You won’t get this moment back.” He was right. I would want those days back or at least a handful of those competitions. Those moments with teammates on the bus or at our summer camp. Those were special. Or, as country rock star Trace Adkins would sing “You’re gonna miss this. You’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.”

Trace is right. We should live for every moment while we have them, because who can know when we won’t have another? Don’t wish away today.

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Winter Clean-Out: How to Declutter and Make Money Doing It

You own too many things. Now before you get defensive, really think about it. The kitchen. The living room. The closets. The office. And the most forbidden of all: the basement, garage, attic, and shed.

Spring cleaning is an American tradition; it’s the supposed ‘antidote’ to having cluttered our lives all Summer, Fall, and Winter. We are cooped during winter, eagerly anticipating the spring sunshine, and when it finally shows up, we are magically motivated to clean out our closets. The only problem with this strategy is that we still have too many things holding our living spaces down. Clearly, the Spring is not the only time to reconsider, to rethink the number of things we have in our homes.

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Easy Companion Pass for 2019

Welcome to Yellow Brick Quick!

On Fridays, we are going to start sharing short posts with tips, advice, or stories from our week. This week, we’d like to draw your attention to a super easy way to get a Southwest Companion Pass for the rest of 2019.

Traditionally, to earn the Companion Pass, you must earn 110,000 Southwest points in one calendar year. However, with this offer through 2/11/19, you can apply for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card, and after spending $4,000 in the first 3 months, you will earn 30,000 points and an automatic Companion Pass through 12/31/19. If you are planning on a big summer or fall trip, this is a killer deal that is super easy to get.

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