Hello Yellow Brick Freedom!

It started with a question.

What if our careers, strictly in the sense of mandatory work, became optional at an incredibly young age?

Our response:

We could gain back decades of our lives that would otherwise be filled to the brim with mandatory work.  Our 8-hours per day, 9-to-5, stress-filled, working-for-the-weekend lives could transform into days of doing what we really want to do.  We’d have the freedom to choose what our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond looked like.

And then, we had an incredible, too-good-to-be-true realization—we could retire in fifteen years, at the most, if we plan ahead now.  Fifteen years would be the conservative estimate–the long road to retirement.

How, might you ask, is this possible for married millennials in their mid-twenties?

We’re both naturally frugal people and have always stretched pennies to their limits. Lived below our means.  Annually, we were putting away over 15% of our income in hopes for a much anticipated and luxurious retirement at the young age of 60.  In financial terms, at least by society’s standards, we were crushing it.

But then we thought that there had to be something else. Who is out there, similar to us, using their financial savvy and leveraging it to their advantage?

The answer? People pursuing Financial Independence (FI). Once we learned there was a community of people—young, middle-aged, and old, pursuing and achieving this concept of FI, we were sold.

We relentlessly consumed all there was to know about the idea. Once we had gained the head knowledge, we began running the numbers to see what this looked like for us.

What we found was astonishing. Not only was an insanely early retirement possible, but probable.

So, this is a place to show you a different formula. One that society won’t tell you about—in fact, society will propose a life entirely different from the one we’ll present here.

We’d like to show you how we’re making it happen.

In this blog, we’ll delve into topics such as getting out of debt, hacking credit cards for travel rewards, and general habits for living a fulfilling, financially savvy life. So come with us down the path to financial independence towards Yellow Brick Freedom.

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