How We Invested $37K in One Year

We are DINKS (Dual Income, No Kids).  Because of this, we have our greatest savings ability right now.  This also means we have great spending power if we so choose (DINKS are advertised to more than any other demographic of people, children being a close second).  We may not have another time in our lives when we’ll have this level of spending or savings leverage.

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Why You Shouldn’t Keep Up With the Joneses

“We buy s*** we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.” —George Carlin

I Like Stuff

I enjoy the finer things in life. I have a particularly deep appreciation for all sorts of vehicles, especially high performance luxury vehicles. It’s not uncommon for me and Keli to be driving down the road when I spot a beautiful Ferrari or Lamborghini—I usually crack my window just a little in order to hear the lovely purr of 8 to 12 cylinders. I jokingly follow this up by saying to Keli, “Hey, that guy is driving my next car!” Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Keep Up With the Joneses”

5 Financial Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Happy New Year! One of our favorite things to do every January is to make goals or resolutions for the upcoming year.  These usually range from savings goals, spending needs, to wants.  Hopefully this list of five common financial mistakes will inspire you to make your own. Even small changes can make a big difference in the long run. We will have several upcoming posts detailing each of these mistakes in even more detail, but for now, enjoy! Continue reading “5 Financial Mistakes You’re Probably Making”

Hello Yellow Brick Freedom!

It started with a question.

What if our careers, strictly in the sense of mandatory work, became optional at an incredibly young age?

Our response:

We could gain back decades of our lives that would otherwise be filled to the brim with mandatory work.  Our 8-hours per day, 9-to-5, stress-filled, working-for-the-weekend lives could transform into days of doing what we really want to do.  We’d have the freedom to choose what our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond looked like.

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